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Waterloo 2015
Kingdon of Heaven
For SaleArdennes 2015
        Waterloo 1815 - 2016
     Ardennes-Bastogne 1944 - 2016
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                          British 28mm making a last stand at Islandwana                                                                                                                                           15mm Crusaders from the 3rd Crusade

I'm a miniature figure painter offering collector quality model painting in 15, 20, and 28mm scale. I also build and paint vignettes and small dioramas. Throughout this site you will find many pictures of my work. This is the standard of painting you will receive.

I hope you will find time to have a look in the Gallery. There is a Basic Painting guide I hope you find useful and will be expanding when I get the time . There is also a For Sale page where occasionally i will be selling painted figures.

For current prices see Services Available. I sometimes have some figures for sale ready painted.

Hopefully the Gallery will provide some inspiration and check out the waterloo 2015 page for some great pics for Napoleonic lovers. 

















28mm French Voltigeurs made by Front Rank.


28mm Plastic French Dragoons by the Perry's, painted as the 13th with pink facings.                                                                                              Sharknado

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