Licensed 3D Miniatures for sale.
The Miniatures will be printed in resin on an 8K printer. The figures will be printed to order, so please allow up to 7 days before posting.
There will be a number of ranges available and i'll hope to add to these in the future.
The first periods for sale will include Napoleonic Austrian and French. Dark age Vikings and Biblican Near East (Sea people, Hittites, NKE, Hebrew)

Licensed 3D Printing. A number of ranges will be available where i have established licenses from the designers. The figures will be available in different scales. The ranges will be limited to start with but will include Napoleonic Austrian, French and British. Medieval and Ancient Biblical. Figures will be printed to order.
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Historical Miniature Figure Painter & 3D Printing
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Preview - 28mm Sea People                                                                                                                28mm Hungarian Grenadiers

Austrian Napoleonic

German Fusiliers 1809 Helmets.    German Fusiliers post 1809 Shako.   Austrian Artillery & Crew.  Hungarian Fusiliers.    Hungarian Grenadiers.  

British Napoleonic

95th Rifles.   Ammunition Supply wagon.  Artillery redoubt/Gabbions. Drivers.  Field Forge & Crew.  Foot Artillery & Crew.  Royal Engineers.  Officer on Horseback.  Wounded Officer.  Tents. 


Ancient Hebrews.  Hittite Empire.  New Kingdom Egyption.  Sea Peoples. Other Bublical models.


 Cart & Sledge.  Draft Horses.  Highland cows. Goats.  Chickens. Celtic Crosses. Wall sections.


Viking warriors.  Viking Villages


 German.    Russian.     USA.


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