Services available and Prices.

The price doesn't include the cost of the figures.

I offer a painting service to a collectors standard only. I only accept small orders of up to 40 figures per order (approx), repeat orders may be possible depending on work load.

I research uniform details very thoroughly before starting any painting ,and have collected a comprehensive library of uniform literature along with a vast array of History books covering most periods.

I use acrylic paint made by wargames foundry, Vallejo, and games workshop. All figures are first undercoated white and finished with a matt varnish.

I also build and paint small vignettes and dioramas to order. These can look great and create a focal point for any game. Prices will vary depending on number of figures.

I charge for each piece. Foot and cannon are one piece each, mounted count as two pieces.

The prices below are per piece, however some figures that are over scaled, super detailed/Caricatures or Generals/Heroes that will take longer to paint will cost a little more. Please contact me for a quote.

Prices start at £6 for a basic 28mm infantry figure.

Napoleonic/Lace wars £10 per 28mm Infantry Figure.

Email me for a non obligation quote.

UK Postage

All postage is charged at actual cost whenever possible. As a guide the following prices will give you an idea of how much post and packaging will cost.

Minimum post and packaging = £4.001st class recorded.

Order value up to £50 = £4.00 1st class recorded, price depends on the weight of the parcel.

Order value up to £100 = £5.00 1st class recorded. price depends on the weight of the parcel.

Large orders will be sent at current post office prices. price depends on the weight of the parcel.

Non UK orders will be more depending on Location. You might also be taxed on receiving the parcel by your own country.

Payments can be made by Paypal and will need to have been made in full before any figures are shipped.

Licensed 3D Printing. A number of ranges will be available where i have established licenses from the designers. The figures will be available in different scales. The ranges will be limited to start with but will include Napoleonic Austrian, French and British. Medieval and Ancient Biblical. I'll be adding the figures to my web site over the next few weeks. Figures will be printed to order.
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